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Depredation Rate of Catch 

A depredation rate will be calculated by observing fishing onboard vessels in the coastal waters of Queensland. A range of underwater cameras will be used to film depredation activity while fishing and accurately determine the amount of fish lost to predators per trip. This data will be collated to accurately determine an overall depredation rate and identify seasonal depredation trends.

Sharks circling vessel at the Whitsunday Islands, Australia.



Total number of fish caught 

Number of fishing days 

Species Depredating Catch 

Depredating species will be identified by analysing swab samples taken off depredated fish by fishers while they are out fishing. Genetic DNA trace analysis will be used to identify a depredating species from the swab sample, and fishers will be notified of the species depredating catch. If you are interested in collecting swab samples please click here for more information. 



Number of swab samples collected 

Number of identifed depredating species 

Pink snapper remains after being depredated in Nossa

Movement of Depredating Species 

Sharks species will be caught and tagged at sites known to have high levels of depredation. At these sites, the level of fishing activity will be monitored to see if shark movement correlates with the presence of boating traffic. This information will demonstrate if sharks are staying at certain sites to depredate catch or moving broadly and only depredating catches opportunistically. 



Tagging a Shark in the Whitsunday Islands

Number of sharks tagged 

Species of sharks tagged

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