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Movement of Depredating Species 

This aspect of research will aim to tag sharks species at an area with frequent depredation to see if sharks are staying at certain sites to depredate catch or moving broadly and only depredating catches opportunistically.  Testing will be carried out at several popular fishing locations in North, Central and Southern Queensland.  At these sites, vessel activity will be monitored to see if depredation hotspots correlate with the number of sharks present at a certain location. This research is vital to inform fishers on how they can best minimise depredation occurring while they are out fishing.  

Tagging a shark in the Whitsunday Islands

Shark tagging Whitsundays regions (photo credit Samantha Barnes). 

Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 10.00.38 am.png

Acoustic receivers placed on the seafloor of depredation hotspot. 

Shark is implanted with an acoustic tag

When a tagged shark swims past an acoustic receiver, it gives off a ping indicating its movement. 


Number of sharks tagged 


Species of sharks tagged 

Sites for shark tagging work

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