How Many Fish are Being Depredated 

Fishing activity will be observed on board the vessels of willing fishers to record fishing activity across locations fished under usual operating conditions. This data will be collected at a variety of fishing locations along the coast of Queensland to broadly calculate a depredation rate. While onboard these fishing vessels, data will be collected, including the type and number of fish captured, retained, and depredated. Line mounted cameras will also be used to view depredation activity underwater while fishing is being undertaken off these vessles. The use of these cameras will confirm fish depredation events and allow for an accurate depredation rate to be determined. Seasonal trends in depredation will also be analysed throughout the research. 

Sharks circling a boat at the Whitsunday Islands

Sharks swimming beneath a fishing vessel in the Whitsundays while depredation of catch is occurring.    


Current depredation rate 


Number of fish depredated  


Total number of fish caught 


Number of fishing days 

Striped fish hooked on fishing line at the Whitsunday Islands
Fish hooked on a fishing line at the Whitsunday Islands
Shark attacking a baited line in the Whitsunday Islands
Shark attacking a baited line in the Whitsunday Islands

Fish being depredated by a shark in the Whitsundays region. 

Map of the areas surveyed